AlbatroX Corporation
AlbatroX Drone
Bringing Drones to Assist FireFighters
AlbatroX Corporation, founded in November 2015 in College Station, TX, has set out to create an intuitive firefighting application. Our mission is to expand, grow, innovate, create, and continue to use technology and innovation to create better ways of doing things.After talking to 150 firefighters from College Station, Bryan, Austin, and Houston, we discovered a need for a fully autonomous small drone with a thermal camera, video streaming capability, “fire truck” design component, GIS mapping, and power to fly for 2 hours with no interruption.
This is why AlbatroX Corporation created our first product, the AlbatroX drone. Our drone makes it easy and safe for the incident commander to monitor all 4 corners of a fire. A unique aspect of the AlbatroX drone is that we run our drones through the First Responder Band Class 14 network. This allows our drones to fly long distances and provides an unlimited, uninterrupted connection with the controller. This technology is especially useful for wild land fires where the drone may go need to travel up to 10 miles in distance from the person controlling it.